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Daelim S2 125 cc : 1 year, 12 000km

mardi 10 juillet 2007 , par Via


I live in Paris area. I am in Chelles, east of Paris and I work in 92 district, north west. A 60km return per day, along the A86, only for job-house travel. Without considering extras. A total of 11 500 km per year.

Mon S2 Daelim et moi

I ride approximatively 15 km in town before joigning the A86. Door to door, depending on days, it takes roughtly 30-35 mn. Short time impossible to do by car. But no relatioship with the S2.

Why a S2 ?

I wanted a scooter not expensive, diffrent from what we can see everyday and reliable. My budget was 3 000 ?. I was hesitating betwwen the Kymco Yager, the Sym Gts and the Daelim S2.

As I am 1.92m, I need space. So, exit the Kymco, too short even if reliability appeared good to me. The floor is almost 10cm minus compared with the S2. I also wanted a machine you could ride without thinking of the small noises that happens sometimes....

For the Sym, I did have enought experiences about reliability about the Taiwanese.

I have confidence in Koreans who have a 7 year warranty for their cars, unlimited mileage, as Kia does.

The look is wonderful, even if critics say it is too asiatic. Personally, I find ithe S2 in its time. I have the model with the handles for passenger and the small back plate to carry luggage, which add a trick with the look by lengthening the scooter of the glance.

...modèle avec les poignées de tenue passager ...

The flat floor : what a relief ! You cannot imagine what I can carry with this scooter. Gas bottles, bags of dirty linen, bags, all is maintained with wonder when, moreover, one puts the protective apron. Nothing escapes. Moreover, with the rotted weather we have this year, I did not remove it yet !! It is always useful ! Similar for the sleeves !

S2 Daelim habillé pour l’hiver


Good handling genarally speaking, even on wet roads. In any event, as soon as it is raining, I slow down. You do not ride the same way when it is wet or dry. Therefore, for me the problem, if there is for some, I regulate it like that : I ride less quickly. In any event, with scooters, you can have the best machine, if you control it not, you go down to the tar.

In duo, the rear suspensions return a little curtly but nothing malicious as a whole.

Feu inimitable du S2

Braking - Speed - Vmax - Handling

Good, efficient braking. Tendency to block in emergency braking. It is necessary to ride careful. In dry weather, you can go there. Enough nervous, resumption sometimes a little soft, but it is caught up quickly on the distance. I often catch scooters that deposited me at the starting on the next trafic light !!!
But the S2 is full of courage. Soem days when it is fresher than others, I believe it is the same for any scooters, it is the S2 which deposit the other scooters. Dash speed 115-120 km/h once launched. On the A86 and with the wind against, you can reach it so easily. On main road, I go to Meaux from time to time, no problem neither.

In agglomeration, the S2 Daelim slgoes everywhere. Rise up and down pavement, between cars.

Wished improvements

There is a point I would like to see improved on the S2. This concerns the mirors. Those of the Sym are really ideal. They can be returned in 2 seconds. And from the blow, one passes more easily. Those of S2 are quasi fixed.

...Les rétros du S2 sont quasi fixes...

Also, no warning. I think that that can be useful. I will try to install some warning on my next S2 because it is not equiped.

Consumption and costs

I ride 250 260 km with 11 liters. (= 4.2l/100, note). Since the beginning, nothing to signal. It is necessary to assimilate the gauge and after it is good. The daily meter functions and that’s fine. By only filling the tanker and no additions, you can ride quiet.

For the maintenance, I had three in 11500 km. NOTHING TO SAY. It’s fine. Never had problems of starting. Even after a ten days immobilization. I had left it once on the carpark at Orly, outside. For information, for two wheels, the carpark at Orly is free. The barriers are short and there is a weight detector for to the top of 300 kg !!! When I took back my S2, no matter for starting.

For the price, it is a super scooter GT. No the fuss on the product, not of superfluous decoration, the dashboard is the simplest as possible. It is a mechanics which turns and which saves time for me, without being too expensive. I change for the new S2 with injection because it consumes even less, it is a little more nervous, coupled braking is one more, and the dashboard is this time digital without having a console of plane. For a few hundred euros addition, I set out again with a brand new scooter, which I hope will be as obliging as its predecessor.

Not disappointed with Korean ! On the contrary, I change for a S2 Daelim injection !


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