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Piaggio X9 500 cc : 2.5 years, 46 000km

mercredi 11 juillet 2007 , par Christian


I live in Paris area and I mainly ride highways and main roads, everyday 34km, 30km highway, to go to work. And lots of rides besides.

I bought my X9, on November 2004 with less than 20 000km. The mileage is today 65 000, a yearly average of 18 200km.

Why a X9 ?

What is the reason I choose a X9 is that I had a previous one, 250 cc, with Honda engine and I found it fine. I would have kept it longer but an accident changed my plans. The 500 cc was an opportunity.

What surprises me

What surprised me and still surprise me is the design. You can recognize the design of the X9 over all, the Evo or the old one I have lignes sont reconnaissables entre mille...

I am also surprised by the consumption which the smallest compared with other scooters of same cc. During the numerous rides I participated, there was a difference of 1 to 1.5 liter, on the same distance and the same speed, between a Tmax or a Burgman 650 cc.

A part of the general services, I only changed two two bulbs of headlight, two bulbs of position, the plastics always also brilliant, are put aside the few stripes due to the city

The only weak point of the x9 is the exhaust.
It rusts and there is not so many things to do but changing it. It will wait a little. The silencer costs 500 ?.

...point faible du X9, c'est son pot ...

Handling - Comfort

Nothing to claim on normal driving. At usual speed, the X9 always reacts properly. The comfort is also fine. The windscreen protects as necessary and so is the apron. I am sheltered. So sheltered that I sometimes forget the speed I ride.

There’s only at high speed that things are getting a little worse. The direction does not change but it is the rear part which seems to be undulating. Not really serious but not really pleasant. In such a case, the solution is to slow down.
Once known this point, you have to slow down before great curves. The X9 is not as rigourous as the Tmax.

I have to say that I installed a big top case, 48 l, and Piaggio does not recommend to ride with.

Braking - Nervousness - Vmax - Handiness

About brakings, the X9 is ok. Well, that is what I thought before I could compare with two bikes. It was a Fazer and a Z750. They have brakes and I could only slow down. Of course, the speed is not a bike’s one but the difference was obvious. The X9 with ABS is really a “plus” and more pwoerfull.

For nervousness, the X9 is ok for me. A little effort on the right handle et the x9 restard. It is not a rocket but the Vmax is really enough. The push is constant, continuous until 6000tr/mn Then, between 7000 and 8000, red zone, he becomes ragor. In recoveries, it happens 4000 and 6000.

Lastly, the handiness of X9 500 is exemplary. It has the really ideal gauge : easy in town, easy roads and motorways. It threads (almost) like a Mobylette. But not as deliverymen of pizza pie !

Consumption and costs

I have a file where I input all the maintenance charges I have. The total is 3 700 ? since the beginning, in nov 2004.
I have to say that I have a drain each 3000km. More often than Piaggio recommends each 6000km but it is a way to maintain my X9 to its best shape. A drain costs about 100 ? and the over cost is 800 ? for all the extra drains. If I had the normal periodicity, the total would be 2900 ?. As my X9 is getting old, I will follow the 6000km periodicity.

I changed 4 times my belt. It costs 105euros. That makes an average of 11 300km with a belt, very closed to Piaggio’s recommendations (12 000km). It could be possible to go further with a driving less nervous than mine.

Same for the rear tyre that I changed 4 times. I costs 70euros.
...les plastiques brillent toujours autant...

About consumption, the lowest is 3.73l/100. It was during a ride with other scooters where we were discovering landscape. I think that at that time, my consumption was lower than some other 125 cc.

The highest consumption was when I rode back on the highway. I was riding at... let”s say, a certain spedd.

Between these two extremes, the normal consumption is 4.9l/100.

Poste Cost
Total 3700 ?
Intermediaries drain -800 ?
Insurance 1000 ?/an 2500 ?
Essence* 3121 ?
Total cost 8521 ?
Mileage 45 500
Cost per km 0.18728 ?

Wished improvements

...manque de modernité dans son tableau de bord...
Not obvious to find points to improve. The dash board is a little old fashion but it is part of its charm. Perhaps the access to the battery which is complicated, a passing button as bike, a silencer treated against rust..

Not important points but it could up-date the X9, clear, Mr Piaggio.

My next scooter

If I had money, I would take a Mp3 and I’ll add the engine of the Gilera Gp 800 ! Dream...

Seriously, I wanted to change but finally, I will keep my X9. We get used to each other as old couples.
And as Piaggio will stop the X9, it will be a collector.

So, I keep it !


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